Sanet + Bradley

Engagement Shoot

Rosemary Hill

\duncan yard/

Engagement Shoot

Letitia + Lourens

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44 Stanley

Engagement Shoot


Natalie + Stuart

44 Stanley is Joburg’s best kept secret.

The 44 Stanley site was once a series of industrial 1930′s buildings, and has been developed into a collection of specialty boutiques, foodie stops and design studios. Meander through the shady arcades and courtyards to savor the trees, architecture and gorgeous fare; from food, clothing and toys to antiques and interiors. The ambiance is a relaxed, friendly and refreshing mix of quintessential Johannesburg elements.

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Jon + Juanita Revisited

Engagement Shoot
For many their new years resolutions are forgotten. Promises broken. Back to the old ways…
2013 will be the same mundane struggle to survive for many.
The year of the sheep. Following blindly.
Shooting for Jon + Juanita in 2012 was one of many highlights. They inspire me to live fearlessly. To abandon the sheep mentality.
May 2012 remind us of the good times gone by and 2013 embody the amazing times ahead.
Oh, all images were taken with a 50mm. Nice little personal challenge to use only one prime 🙂

Alternative E Shoot (1) Alternative E Shoot (2) Alternative E Shoot (3) Alternative E Shoot (4) Alternative E Shoot (5) Alternative E Shoot (6) Alternative E Shoot (7) Alternative E Shoot (8) Alternative E Shoot (9) Alternative E Shoot (10) Alternative E Shoot (11)

Tracey + Milos

Engagement Shoot

I met up with Tracey and Milos at a lovely lake near their home. Dark clouds were filling the sky as we hoped for a magnificent sunset. That did not happen but these two were so easy to work with that we made our own “sun filled” afternoon. Just before big drops started falling from the sky we had one last chance to create a beautiful silhouette with the last rays peeping through some clouds. As I will be shooting for Tracey and Milos on their wedding in a few weeks, it was great to get to know them a little better. Here are some favorites from the weekend.

Pretoria Country Club Wedding


Jaco + Karien

In the early months of the year 1909, Mr Julius Jeppe was contemplating the formation of a Country Club and the construction of a golf course in Waterkloof.

On the 12th of April 1910 a public meeting was held for all gentlemen who might be interested in forming a Country Club, 300 members gathered and formed the founder members group.

On 8 October 1910 Pretoria Country Club officially opened, nestled in the scenic beauty of Waterkloof, one of the city’s most prestigious suburbs.

It is at this prestigious venue that Jaco + Karien celebrated  their newly wed status after exchanging vows in the Pretoria East NG Church.

Most of the day was overcast and wet. Karien impressed with her “do anything to get the shot” attitude by getting her beautiful dress stained with mud.

Let us raise a glass to the Fearless bride!



12 {favorite} Wedding pictures


In the next 12 days I will be posting 1 wedding picture every day. Let’s call it my mini year end portfolio. Nothing like a bit of eye-candy before 2011 finally bids us farewell. If you like what you see in the next few days, post some comments. Oooohing and Aaaahing is permissible 😉

The Images will be added unannounced…here goes Number 1…2 and 3…

Number 4…

Number 5…

Number 6…

Number 7…

Number 8…

Number 9 and 10…

Numbers 11 and 12…



Kerry + Marco


First-time visitors consistently discover that Newtown IS the cultural hub of Jozi – perhaps even of Africa – and that there is culture here all year round.

There are some really exciting new developments going on: read the Mary Fitzgerald Square gets revamped story, and the Hotel for Newtown story, to find out why people really want to live in this area, as well as visit for top-class entertainment.

If you have still not been to Newtown, give it a try! It’s clean, safe and you are bound to find SOMETHING that blows your hair back …!!

Kerry and Marco blew my hair back!!


Brett + Edna


25 June 2011

I check the temperature reading as I pull out the driveway. 3 Degrees. It is winter in Gauteng. The sky is cobalt blue. The wind slicing through every exposed body part. Brett and Edna is getting married today. I prefer winter weddings, but can’t help thinking how Edna is going to feel under the open Moroccan structure. Yes, the ceremony is outside…and what a beautiful day it turned out to be! The rich browns and reds against the stark blue sky set the stage for some amazing photographs of  this fun couple. Not complaining once about the cold. The cosy fireplace and warm atmosphere at the reception made everyone feel comfortable and  snug.

A very big thank you to the photographers Hannes Uys and Nicolette Brits who helped me on the day. You guys rock!

One Small Seed


I am so stoked! Sounds like a “surfer” would use that expression…but, hey, one small seed network used my image as a banner for their photography section. So, yea, I do feel like surfing a monster wave…by the way, it’s the black and white image below…

Mellow Oaks


Morne + Valmarie

30 Seconds to Mars comes to mind…Eclectic musical genre spearheaded by Jared Leto. Morne and Valmarie, beautiful couple not shy to challenge the norm. “Was it a dream?” Certainly not! Crossing a very busy Hendrik Potgieter Drive, super real. I guess many a motorist were taken by surprise seeing a newly wed couple and two crazy photographers running around one of  the busiest streets in the West Rand. Once again, second shooting with Hannes Uys was a treat.