Christelle + PC

Engagement Shoot

Hedianga Farm – Couple Session

Greenhouse Cafe Wedding


Simon + Anke

Bella Montagna Wedding Preview

Ollie + JC Van Ronge

This was the last wedding I shot before the National Lockdown in South Africa.

I had the privilege to work with Karien Muller from Nola Photography on this one.



Marius + Charlize

Wedding Preview

Drakensbergkloof summit 06summit 02 dbksummit dbkDrakensbergkloof-1marius + charlize portraitcharlize rock portriatcharlize rock portriat b+wmarius + charlize kissportrta 800 marius + charlize wideportrta 800 marius + charlize uploadDrakensbergkloof veil24mm loversback to back portraitwalking drakensbergkloofDrakensbergkloof M+Ckiss kiss sunsetDrakensbergkloof-panorama upload



Theuns + Ewalda

Venue & Catering Zietsies Guest house | Hair & Makeup Maureen Grobler | Officiant Nigel Levings | Flowers, décor & planning Runaway Romance

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\duncan yard/

Engagement Shoot

Letitia + Lourens

duncanyard-4 uploadduncan yard couple uploadduncan yard b&w uploadduncan yard couple (1)duncan yard couple (2)duncanyard-3 uploadduncan yard couple (5)duncan yard couple (6)duncan yard couple (7)duncan yard couple (9)duncan yard couple (12)duncan yard couple (13)duncan yard couple (14)duncan yard couple (15)duncan yard couple (16)duncan yard couple (17)duncan yard couple (18)duncan yard couple (22)duncan yard couple (19)duncanyard-1 uploadduncan yard couple (20)duncanyard-2 upload

\modderfontein reserve/

Engagement Shoot, Weddings

lauren + kevin

modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (16)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (1)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (2)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (3)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (4)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (5)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (6)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (7)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (8)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (9)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (10)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (11)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (12)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (13)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (14)modderfontein+reserve+couple+pictures (15)

44 Stanley

Engagement Shoot


Natalie + Stuart

44 Stanley is Joburg’s best kept secret.

The 44 Stanley site was once a series of industrial 1930′s buildings, and has been developed into a collection of specialty boutiques, foodie stops and design studios. Meander through the shady arcades and courtyards to savor the trees, architecture and gorgeous fare; from food, clothing and toys to antiques and interiors. The ambiance is a relaxed, friendly and refreshing mix of quintessential Johannesburg elements.

44 stanley couple 1 44 stanley couple 21 44 stanley couple 20 couple 44 stanley 44 stanley couple 19 44 stanley couple 18 44 stanley couple 17 44 stanley couple 26 44 stanley couple 16 44 stanley couple 15 44 stanley couple 14 44 stanley couple 13 44 stanley couple 12 44 stanley couple 11 44 stanley couple 10 44 stanley couple 9 44 stanley couple 8 44 stanley couple 25 44 stanley couple 7 44 stanley couple 6 44 stanley couple 5 44 stanley couple 4 44 stanley couple 3 44 stanley couple 2 44 stanley couple 24 44 stanley couple 23 44 stanley couple 22

The little town of Val

Engagement Shoot

Ash + Terry E-session

Assisting photographer: Nicolette


image in 50mm lensval e-session 2 val e-session 1 val e-session 11 val e-session 12 val e-session 13 val e-session 15 Terry + Ash (95)

Canon G12

Canon G12

val e-session 9 val e-session 8 val e-session 7 val e-session 6 val e-session 5 val e-session 4 val e-session 3

Lezar Opstal Country Wedding


Jannie + Marlize

Assisting photographer: Nicolette

lezar opstal 44lezar opstal 45

lezar opstal 2 lezar opstal 3 lezar opstal 4 lezar opstal 5 lezar opstal 6 lezar opstal 7 lezar opstal 8 lezar opstal 9 lezar opstal 10 lezar opstal 11 lezar opstal 12 lezar opstal 13 lezar opstal 14 lezar opstal 15 lezar opstal 16 lezar opstal 17 lezar opstal 18 lezar opstal 19 lezar opstal 20 lezar opstal 21 lezar opstal 22 lezar opstal 23 lezar opstal 24 lezar opstal 25 lezar opstal 26 lezar opstal 27 lezar opstal 28 lezar opstal 29 lezar opstal 30 lezar opstal 31 lezar opstal 32 lezar opstal 33 lezar opstal 34 lezar opstal 35 lezar opstal 36 lezar opstal 37 lezar opstal 38 lezar opstal 39 lezar opstal 40 lezar opstal 41 lezar opstal 42 lezar opstal 43

lezar opstal decor 46 lezar opstal decor 47lezar opstal reception 48 lezar opstal reception 49 lezar opstal reception 50 lezar opstal reception 51Venue: Lezar Opstal

Brides dress: Bridal Wardrobe 
Brides jewellery: Silverline & Jenna Clifford

Bride and bridesmaid’s make-up: Irene Roux Make-Up

Bridesmaid dresses: Phenomena

Bride and bridesmaid’s Hair: Black Lemon Hair Design

Grooms suit: Carducci Carducci

Grooms ring: Magda Nieman Goudsmede

Brides ring: Eriksons

Flowers: Norval & Elize Bester

Décor: Handmade by Bride & Groom

Band: DWC Cover Band

Stationery: Essence Design Studio

Gifts: Dahlia Creations

Videographer: Bravo & Thatcher