Theuns + Ewalda

Venue & Catering Zietsies Guest house | Hair & Makeup Maureen Grobler | Officiant Nigel Levings | Flowers, décor & planning Runaway Romance

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Engagement Shoot

Letitia + Lourens

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Irene Dairy Farm

Engagement Shoot

Melissa + Rholand

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Lezar Opstal Country Wedding


Jannie + Marlize

Assisting photographer: Nicolette

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lezar opstal decor 46 lezar opstal decor 47lezar opstal reception 48 lezar opstal reception 49 lezar opstal reception 50 lezar opstal reception 51Venue: Lezar Opstal

Brides dress: Bridal Wardrobe 
Brides jewellery: Silverline & Jenna Clifford

Bride and bridesmaid’s make-up: Irene Roux Make-Up

Bridesmaid dresses: Phenomena

Bride and bridesmaid’s Hair: Black Lemon Hair Design

Grooms suit: Carducci Carducci

Grooms ring: Magda Nieman Goudsmede

Brides ring: Eriksons

Flowers: Norval & Elize Bester

Décor: Handmade by Bride & Groom

Band: DWC Cover Band

Stationery: Essence Design Studio

Gifts: Dahlia Creations

Videographer: Bravo & Thatcher

Brett + Edna


25 June 2011

I check the temperature reading as I pull out the driveway. 3 Degrees. It is winter in Gauteng. The sky is cobalt blue. The wind slicing through every exposed body part. Brett and Edna is getting married today. I prefer winter weddings, but can’t help thinking how Edna is going to feel under the open Moroccan structure. Yes, the ceremony is outside…and what a beautiful day it turned out to be! The rich browns and reds against the stark blue sky set the stage for some amazing photographs of  this fun couple. Not complaining once about the cold. The cosy fireplace and warm atmosphere at the reception made everyone feel comfortable and  snug.

A very big thank you to the photographers Hannes Uys and Nicolette Brits who helped me on the day. You guys rock!

Red Ivory Lodge


Second shooting with Hannes Uys always has an element of mystery. One can hardly explain why, but with the camera fixed to the eye we work in tandem, synchronised like a well kept battle ship. On target most of the time. Maybe the reason is that we are having fun. Huge amounts of fun! Often dangerous couches have to be moved to free up some space. Lying flat on the floor whilst sniffing toxic dust particles you contemplate how to hang a pristine white wedding dress off an oil painting meters up in the luxurious wedding suite. All in a days work as wedding photographer.

Elana and Anthony’s wedding at the acclaimed Red Ivory provided Hannes and I with its own unique set of challenges. Most of all, we knew that many photographers photographed the venue before us. Our quest was to provide the couple with something unique, fresh and edgy. By far not an easy task when you know that you’re up against masters like Dror Eyal, who, by the way, is a great inspiration to me. With any challenge you face danger and opportunity. The danger to copy and the opportunity to do something fresh. In the end it is not us, the photographers, that win, but the client. Now you can judge my efforts in capturing such a wonderful couple on 6 November 2010.


BK + Kgomotso


My day started very early on 23 October. I had to get a friend on O.R. Tambo Airport who arrived from Holland at 4 am. After a quick breakfast with Jorieke, it was time to grab my gear and head out to meet with Hannes Uys who would help me photograph BK and Kgomotso’s wedding. Getting a little lost on our way to the bride did not smother our enthusiasm. The cultural diversity of this very special couple’s wedding day left us in awe. A true South African wedding experience awaited both Hannes and I. The spirit of Ubuntu was felt in every little detail as a beautiful summers day complimented the occasion.  There was no time to feel tired as we kept our lenses firmly focussed on the action.

BK and Kgomotso, thank you for allowing us to be part of this joyous occasion. All the best with the new challenges you will face as newly weds in London. May you be blessed!


Sneak peak…


14 October 2010

Once in a while you get to photograph one of your ex-students. Kgomotso, I can’t wait for your wedding on the 23rd. Here is a sneak peak of today’s pictures. Enjoy!


Andrew + Jolene


2 October 2010

Oxbow Country Estate is a chic country style wedding venue and trout fly fishing haven. With beautifully manicured gardens and expansive highveld scenery it is a photographic and bird watcher’s bliss. Oxbow Country Estate was established over the years by entrepreneurs and dynamic life partners Alison and Frank Lovell who are dedicated and committed to ensuring that every stay, function and fly-fishing excursion is exceptional and memorable. Frank and Alison both enjoy outstanding cuisine and alongside the executive chef create menus that are fresh and delicious and perfect for every occasion. The entire Oxbow Team is on hand to ensure a truly special, once in a lifetime Wedding celebration, midweek break or fly fishing experience. Located in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng on the banks of the Osspruit River, and only 40 minutes from Pretoria, Witbank and Benoni, Oxbow is ideally situated for any event.

This idyllic venue was the ideal backdrop to Andrew and Jolene’s wedding Celebrations. The newly wed Bromely couple enjoyed their honeymoon in Thailand.

Once again I had the privilege to work with Hannes Uys photographing this momentous event.

I think the photographs speak for themselves…

Andries Combrink