Lezar Opstal Country Wedding


Jannie + Marlize

Assisting photographer: Nicolette

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lezar opstal 2 lezar opstal 3 lezar opstal 4 lezar opstal 5 lezar opstal 6 lezar opstal 7 lezar opstal 8 lezar opstal 9 lezar opstal 10 lezar opstal 11 lezar opstal 12 lezar opstal 13 lezar opstal 14 lezar opstal 15 lezar opstal 16 lezar opstal 17 lezar opstal 18 lezar opstal 19 lezar opstal 20 lezar opstal 21 lezar opstal 22 lezar opstal 23 lezar opstal 24 lezar opstal 25 lezar opstal 26 lezar opstal 27 lezar opstal 28 lezar opstal 29 lezar opstal 30 lezar opstal 31 lezar opstal 32 lezar opstal 33 lezar opstal 34 lezar opstal 35 lezar opstal 36 lezar opstal 37 lezar opstal 38 lezar opstal 39 lezar opstal 40 lezar opstal 41 lezar opstal 42 lezar opstal 43

lezar opstal decor 46 lezar opstal decor 47lezar opstal reception 48 lezar opstal reception 49 lezar opstal reception 50 lezar opstal reception 51Venue: Lezar Opstal

Brides dress: Bridal Wardrobe 
Brides jewellery: Silverline & Jenna Clifford

Bride and bridesmaid’s make-up: Irene Roux Make-Up

Bridesmaid dresses: Phenomena

Bride and bridesmaid’s Hair: Black Lemon Hair Design

Grooms suit: Carducci Carducci

Grooms ring: Magda Nieman Goudsmede

Brides ring: Eriksons

Flowers: Norval & Elize Bester

Décor: Handmade by Bride & Groom

Band: DWC Cover Band

Stationery: Essence Design Studio

Gifts: Dahlia Creations

Videographer: Bravo & Thatcher

Jon + Juanita Revisited

Engagement Shoot
For many their new years resolutions are forgotten. Promises broken. Back to the old ways…
2013 will be the same mundane struggle to survive for many.
The year of the sheep. Following blindly.
Shooting for Jon + Juanita in 2012 was one of many highlights. They inspire me to live fearlessly. To abandon the sheep mentality.
May 2012 remind us of the good times gone by and 2013 embody the amazing times ahead.
Oh, all images were taken with a 50mm. Nice little personal challenge to use only one prime 🙂

Alternative E Shoot (1) Alternative E Shoot (2) Alternative E Shoot (3) Alternative E Shoot (4) Alternative E Shoot (5) Alternative E Shoot (6) Alternative E Shoot (7) Alternative E Shoot (8) Alternative E Shoot (9) Alternative E Shoot (10) Alternative E Shoot (11)

Vintage Whimsical Wedding




Wild horses and rain set the tone for MG+Minette’s Vintage Whimsical themed wedding in Kaapchehoop. It was wet. Very wet. The whole day and the next…Nothing could dampen(pun intended) the excitement of friends and family attending this beautiful occasion.

12 {favorite} Wedding pictures


In the next 12 days I will be posting 1 wedding picture every day. Let’s call it my mini year end portfolio. Nothing like a bit of eye-candy before 2011 finally bids us farewell. If you like what you see in the next few days, post some comments. Oooohing and Aaaahing is permissible 😉

The Images will be added unannounced…here goes Number 1…2 and 3…

Number 4…

Number 5…

Number 6…

Number 7…

Number 8…

Number 9 and 10…

Numbers 11 and 12…

Mellow Oaks


Morne + Valmarie

30 Seconds to Mars comes to mind…Eclectic musical genre spearheaded by Jared Leto. Morne and Valmarie, beautiful couple not shy to challenge the norm. “Was it a dream?” Certainly not! Crossing a very busy Hendrik Potgieter Drive, super real. I guess many a motorist were taken by surprise seeing a newly wed couple and two crazy photographers running around one of  the busiest streets in the West Rand. Once again, second shooting with Hannes Uys was a treat.

Rockabillies get Married


Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, and emerged in the early 1950s.

The term rockabilly is a portmanteau of rock (from rock ‘n’ roll) and hillbilly, the latter a reference to the country music (often called hillbilly music in the 1940s and 1950s) that contributed strongly to the style’s development. (Wikipedia)

Photographing Andrew and Jen’s wedding was a once in a lifetime experience.