JJ + Mary


Tranquilitas Adventure Farm Wedding

Most couples I have photographed over the past 14 years would opt for a “traditional” wedding. Not JJ and Mary. They both love the outdoors and often spend time hiking or rock climbing with friends. Tranquilitas is one of their favourite camping spots. This spectacular farm located in the Waterval Boven district hosted their very special wedding.

The morning started with a quick hike down the mountain and then a short stint of rock climbing. Most friends and family arrived the night before. Everyone got to work to set up the picnic style “reception”. By 15:00 the guests were ready and waiting for the bride to arrive at the most scenic spot you can imagine.

Nala, being JJ and Mary’s dog child, naturally had to be part of the celebration.

Mary had here beautiful dress made by Something New Bridal.

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