Diamond Hill


Louw + Elida

Assisting Photographer: Nicolette

Elida 5upload

Weather upload

Water tank 1Straws Table designDesigns Table Decor Vintage DecorFeet Hands Shoes Eyes Dress Groom detail Groom 3 Louw upload 1 Groom 2 Groom Jameson Groomsman 2 Groomsman 1 Groom 4 Dress Detail Elida upload 1 Perfume Bride + Shoes Full length Grid Bride smiling Elida 3 Elida 2 Elida 1 Elida 4 Bridesmaids Dad+Bride+Look Dad kiss Peeping Before we enter Enter Church 1 Enter Church 2 Groom seeing Bride People Church Fist kiss 1 Back Exit Walking Veld Sun flare upload 1 Sun flare upload 2 Water tank 2 Portrait upload Reception Dancing Close Dance Shout! Dance Bride+Groom Locomotion

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