Adele + Tony

Engagement Shoot

Meeting up with Adele and Tony at the St John’s College in Johannesburg was a fantastic experience. Walking the corridors of this Herbert Baker designed masterpiece, reminded me of the rich heritage we as South Africans have.   Today is tomorrows’ history. Shooting for this lovely couple felt a little like preserving pieces of their very special story. The photographic medium is an expert in capturing fragments of time often missed. I’m presenting 15 Frames in the life of Adele + Tony, already part of that which we call history…

St Johns 13St Johns 4 St Johns 5 St Johns 6 St Johns 7 St Johns 8 St Johns 9 St Johns 10 St Johns 11 St Johns 12 St Johns 14 St Johns 15St Johns 1 St Johns 2 St Johns 3


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