Brett + Edna


25 June 2011

I check the temperature reading as I pull out the driveway. 3 Degrees. It is winter in Gauteng. The sky is cobalt blue. The wind slicing through every exposed body part. Brett and Edna is getting married today. I prefer winter weddings, but can’t help thinking how Edna is going to feel under the open Moroccan structure. Yes, the ceremony is outside…and what a beautiful day it turned out to be! The rich browns and reds against the stark blue sky set the stage for some amazing photographs of  this fun couple. Not complaining once about the cold. The cosy fireplace and warm atmosphere at the reception made everyone feel comfortable and  snug.

A very big thank you to the photographers Hannes Uys and Nicolette Brits who helped me on the day. You guys rock!

7 thoughts on “Brett + Edna

  1. Hi! I ran across your blog when you posted the link on Alex Beadon’s facebook page. I love the unexpected and candid images you captured, they are so different from anything I have seen before. They lend such an excellent mood to the rest of the pictures… great work!

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