Greek Wedding


In an ever changing world where photographers need to be at the top of their game to satisfy the demand for fresh, new work, it is not always butter on toast. We can either wait for inspiration to dawn upon us or just slice the bread whilst hot. A few week ago I had the amazing privilege to 2nd shoot with Leone Venter. Having photographed a Jewish wedding with Hannes Uys, I jumped at the opportunity to shoot a Greek wedding. Being part of cross cultural events is more than just rewarding. It is a like eating home made bread with real butter. You can’t stop…and it provides you with the much needed creative boost!

Graham and Steph were the proverbial cover page couple. The beautiful silver and white theme created the perfect backdrop for this eclectic couple getting married. Yes, I know you were thinking: “what about the Greek tradition of breaking plates?” Absolutely! This lovely, and by times scary tradition(had to protect my camera from flying plates) was one of the highlights of the evening.

Greeks smashing plates to accompany musicians is a mental image of Greece practically as common as the sight of the Parthenon. Since plate breaking often occurs at happy occasions, it may have begun as a way of fooling malicious spirits into thinking that the event is a violent one instead of a celebration. And a CELEBRATION it was!

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